The morning line: Sacramento, day 2


  • J.B. Mauney will face KISS Animalize in Round 2 at Sleep Train Arena after picking up 89.75 points on the bovine last year in Hollywood, Fla.
  • Renato Nunes also has a rematch as the Brazilian takes on C-Note after he he earned 87.25 points on the bull at the 2013 World Finals.
  • World Leader Mike Lee attempts to record his second ride of the weekend when he attempts Tarentino.

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. ― Fifteen riders turned in a score last night, and quite a few of those guys have favorable matchups tonight. We could see more than 10 guys go into the short round with two scores.

Brant Atwood on 64/7 Mr. Feiger:

Mr. Feiger has been around for a few years, but he hasn’t logged many outs, and he hasn’t been very consistent when we have seen him. He can have an off-trip now and then, and on one of those off-trips Atwood rode him for 74 points at a rodeo in Prescott, Ariz. Atwood needs a better score than that tonight, and being familiar with this bull will help.

Robson Palermo on U87 Caddy Shack:

This stout little bull has been around since 2011. Caddy Shack has got 44 outs on record and has only been ridden five times. He’s only been ridden by the best right-handed riders he’s faced. No lefty has ever earned a score on him, and 15 have tried – including J.B. Mauney. Palermo split the round win last night, but he’s got a tough job here.

Guilherme Marchi on 8435 Maximum Justice:

This bull’s numbers say there is almost no way he’s getting the best of Marchi. He’s very weak against right-handed riders and against the top riders. Marchi is both. Truthfully, Marchi is one of the best bull riders ever to put his hand in a rope.

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J.B. Mauney on B111 Kiss Animalize:

This is the matchup to watch in this round. Mauney notched 89.75 points on this bull in Hollywood, Fla., late last season. Joao Ricardo Vieira earned 90 points on him in Duluth, Ga., just a couple of weeks ago. This bull’s style fits Mauney perfectly, and we could see a big score here.

Mike Lee on 706C Tarentino:

Like Palermo, if Lee wants to pick up a second score he’s going to have to get it done going away from his hand. Tarentino is a solid bull that always goes to the right, and left-handed riders have had little success against him. Kasey Hayes is the only lefty to best him, and he did it in New York just one month ago.

Cody Nance on 70S High Steaks:

High Steaks is a bull that we see in the short round fairly often. When he’s in a long round, he’s usually one of the best bulls in it and tonight is no exception. Nance is in for a rough time of it and this bull is seldom ridden. He’s 21-3 against the best riders he’s faced and 48-4 overall. Spin direction is not a big concern here as High Steaks does most of his damage with his up and down movement and not by spinning.

Renato Nunes on 15L C-Note:

This could rival Mauney’s matchup for top ride in this round. Nunes rode C-Note at the 2013 Built Ford Tough World Finals for 87.25 points. Since then, C-Note has been ridden four times in five outs, and three of those for more than 88 points. The down side for Nunes is that this bull is pretty bucky and he likes to go to the right – away from Nunes’ hand.

Zane Lambert on 944 Good Times:

Lambert got a good score in Round 1, and he’s got a very favorable matchup here. This is the Built Ford Tough Series debut for Good Times and he really hasn’t faced any top-tier riders. He has been ridden twice in seven Touring Pro Division outs, though. Look for him to get ridden more often on the BFTS level.

Fabiano Vieira on 085 Past Time:

This bull can be a little antsy in the chute and hard to get out on. He likes to go to the right, away from Vieira’s hand, but the last two riders on him were both lefties and both got a score. Mike Lee got by him at the World Finals and Mauney rode him in New York. In Chicago, he blew up just as the gate was opening, and got a lick in on Jory Markiss and two of the bullfighters. However, he was no match for Jesse Byrne. Good chance that Vieira posts a second score here.

Reese Cates on 932 Harlem Shake:

This bull has had trips at the Touring Pro level where he’s been marked over 45 points, and two of the three rides made on him were 88 points or better. He hasn’t been as impressive at this level yet, but he’s got potential. He’s only been ridden by right-handed riders, and he’s only faced five of them – so he’s 2-3 against them. Right-handed Cates has a great shot at his second score of the weekend.

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